Wessel Huisman - at the seaWessel Huisman - At the sea
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Wessel Huisman - at the sea Wessel Huisman - at the sea Wessel Huisman - at the sea

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Wessel Huisman has no intention to shock - or provoke with his paintings, nor is he a moralist. A lot of what nowadays is presented as contemporary art needs an extensive explanation. Art critics and museum directors set themselves up as modern oracle interpreters. All too often the visual product is merely an illustration of a poor idea, rather than an independent work of art. Many artists don’t take their public seriously and resultantly put themselves in the position of somewhat arrogant school teachers. Rather than offend them, Huisman illustrates a respect for his spectators and it is his intention to contribute to their peace of mind. He wonders whether it is still possible – without literally going back to classical techniques and images - to create paintings with the tranquillity, the spatial quality and the inner consistency he experiences in the works of Hans Memling, - or, indeed, some landscapes by Sisley or Pissaro; - a mental condition he also discovered in prints from Japanese artists like Hiroshige. He is searching for constants in the way painting has developed through the ages. From this point of view Etruscan tomb paintings are of equal importance as would be fifteenth century Italian frescos or some of the works of Russian constructivists. Huisman is not working in a tradition for its own sake; - he in truth maintains values that are still of vital importance, and nourishes them with his own experiences.
The paintings from Wessel Huisman are exhibited worldwide e.g. Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Vietnam, South-Korea.